Personal Favorite: Egon Schiele, Exhibition London

here is an article about the artist Egon Schiele and an exhibition of his work. enjoy this blogpost written by Elli : )

Art Attack

I have always been a great fan of non-realistic portraits. I enjoy viewing non-realistic portraits because I personally believe that in that way, the artist lets his creativity shine, and in a way, the painting he creates expresses his thoughts and ideas about the person illustrated. Thus the artist does not depict a person realistically, but he paints his feelings, thoughts and beliefs.

I was very excited when I read that works of Egon Schiele, one of my favorite artists that focused more on portrait paintings, were exhibited in Courtauld Gallery in London. Born in Vienna, Egon Schiele was a leading avant-garde artist in the early 1990s, the years around the First World War. During his short but very productive life, Egon Schiele managed to create a great collection of portraits (including self portraits) that were consider to be provocative, controversial but most importantly, some of the most radical depictions of the human figure…

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About Odin’s Dexterity: Talk | AODT special!! #1

hello dear readers! you all are so kind to stick around. many hugs to all of you!
i have come up with a new theme to ensure i post more often on this blog (: here is post number 1 of AODT special– a talk/musings/ramblings/daydreams section on this blog that i will at the very least, update once a month. i will feature an artwork (or two.. or ten??) in this section and a short write-up on its inspiration and coming-into-being and other such things.

here is artwork number 1:

lemon watermarked

it is something i did for fun one day while assignments piled up all around me! I LIVE ON THE EDGE

when you think ‘happy’ what do you think of? i think of a day of sunshine, a little conversation, and pie. i haven’t tried all the pies in the world, but i have tried the wonder that is lemon meringue pie, and i don’t even have the vocabulary to accurately describe how high-ranking its position is in the kingdom of mystical dessert heaven.

lemon meringue pie and its bakers and recipe-writers should be appreciated. if you know one, thank him/her today!

back to the artwork- it is digitally drawn on Adobe Photoshop with the help of a drawing tablet (i don’t have my own tablet, and i’m hoping to get one next year! i have to find a way to earn the money first)! the illustration style i’m pursuing in this one is a floaty and almost uneven stylistic look, with subdued colours, and what i would like to call a daydreamy handwritten type. it reminds me of lazy sleep-in mornings with music. (:

what do you think of this kind of illustration? i like it but i find it is common- many illustrators use this look and feel. i’m still trying to find a strong style!

p.s. i really appreciate comments and feedback and wise words because you all brighten my day!! thank you for leaving a note, and thank you to all those who have previously left things for me to read. <3


Ambrosia: Offbeat Drinking Technique | the Tim Tam Slam!!

hello you! (:

first off: know what ambrosia is. have you ever had a Tim Tam slam?! if you have, you would know that they are deserving of the term. if you haven’t (actually also if you have) let’s have a Tim Tam party because i swear i could eat two hundred this way. thank you sweet inventor of tim tams and slams.

i’ve been illustrating the eating process of this heavenly invention. here you go! (:

tim tam slam-01 tim tam slam-02 tim tam slam-03

my favourite is a white chocolate Tim Tam with hot coffee! you also want your hot drink to be quite full, and in a shallow cup. it makes everything easier. remember you have a nose :o)

please let me know of any cool things you might want to see illustrated! you can also see more stuff on my Behance page.

i hope you can always spend both your literal and emotional rainy days with hot drinks, Tim Tams, and good music.


thank you for reading. you all make my heart so happy. (:

Already Old and Dead Tired: the end of the first semester at design school!

hello readers (: 

i have been completely inactive lately, as you may or may not have noticed. after completing assignments and between the days of four hours of sleep, my energy levels have not permitted me to even look at my wordpress account. but thanks for sticking around if you have! 

to make up for all the lost time, i’ll show you what i’ve been doing this semester. it’s been a whirlwind roller coaster fun-filled time! 

this is a progress shot of an artist's book i did. (:

this is a progress shot of an artist’s book i did. (:

this is the finished book cover. it is meant to look like a dollhouse.

this is the finished front and back cover of the book. it opens up flat 180degrees to look like a dollhouse.

an illustrated recipe i sent in to! i am in love with the colour scheme here.

an illustrated recipe i sent in to! i am in love with the colour scheme here.

this is an assignment for my Digital Imaging & Visualization class. we were to create a movie poster, either using manipuated images, or digital drawing. i chose digital drawing!

this is an assignment for my Digital Imaging & Visualization class. we were to create a movie poster, either using manipuated images, or digital drawing. i chose digital drawing!

you could visit my Behance page to see some personal work i’ve been doing! :) 


Odin the Octopus and i love you all dearly. <3

Adobe illustrator: Oh Delightful Technology! | 8-bit AODT motifs!

Adobe illustrator: Oh Delightful Technology! | 8-bit AODT motifs!

hello dear readers :)
I have been hard at work in design school making lots of graphics, but Odin and i thought AODT deserved some sweet graphics too. i wasn’t taught this in design school- my friend was doing 8-bit things and inspired the colour-crazed, tedious-activity-loving part of me <3

i’m thinking of making more of these 8-bit graphics for this blog. any ideas? i can also sign off posts with some of these. please suggest which ones in the comments!
have you had your cup of tea today?

thank you for reading!

An Octopus Doth Tire | Odin has been so busy!

Odin and i have been the busiest, and after a month-long hiatus we are back (: i am a design student now, and the assignments are piling up! if you have any time management tips for me i’ll be very glad. four hours of sleep per night is starting to take its toll on me. Odin on the other hand has been helping me out, and despite him having more limbs than i do, he doesn’t have 8 times the energy.

i made a small sculpture of Odin, as a pirate, out of clay for today’s post. arrrr!

some modelling (two ways, if you get what i mean) and a photoshoot took place today. 




Art Outdoors: Day Trip | Rantai Art Festival

rantai art festival flyerthe Rantai Art Festival was held on March 29th & 30th. we went there yesterday afternoon. check out the sweet graphics on the flyer!


it was an art exhibition, some music, and an artsy bazaar combined! the art exhibits were in a small building called the MIA Art House. MIA stands for the Malaysian Institute of Art, by the way. i wonder if this festival it is an annual thing.

one of my friends had her work exhibited there (: it was the main reason i went to check it out, actually. i want to have a post on her art soon (keep your eyes peeled. it’ll be worth it!) the other art was really good too. i don’t have pictures of the bazaar, but here are four of my favourite artpieces at the festival:


favourite artpieces at Rantai

the steamed fish at the top right is a MARKER RENDER. so great!

breakfast and books

breakfast behind-the-scenes. and CUTOUT design magazines i bought at the bazaar.




Applique On Doors: Tutorial | Shrinky Dinks tutorial and door knob adornment!

hello everybody (: it’s such a pleasure to see you here again.

backstory: my mother has a white Ikea cupboard. it looks plain. she has a Hello Kitty obsession. i like to draw stuff.

Imageso what do i do when i’m bored at home and decide i want to surprise her? stick little kitties onto the door knobs of course. she got me a pack of Shrinky Dinks (which i treasure) while she was holidaying in the States. they are the perfect material for making small, durable things. everyone should have Shrinky Dinks and permanent markers. i cannot find them here in Malaysia! the government should subsidize these kinds of things. not so much sugar. i like Shrinky Dinks more than diabetes.

i didn’t mean for that to sound offensive. it does, i think. somewhat. anyway, here’s the process, just for you. (:


Shrinky Dinks suitable for your project (clear/frosted/printable)

permanent markers of your choice

this kind of toaster oven

aluminium foil

scrap paper and pencil


1. check to see how large the surface you want to applique is. Shrinky Dinks will shrink to about 1/3 their original size. measure if you need to (multiply the length of the surface you want to applique by 3). this gives you a good estimate as to the length of unbaked Shrinky Dink. if you need to be even more precise, make a Shrinky Dink ruler! then draw your desired applique onto scrap paper, then trace it onto the plastic with a permanent marker.

2. on the flip side of the plastic where you drew the outline, add colours if desired (notice the kitties in the picture have flipped in step 2?). this is so that you don’t have to worry about smudging the colours with the outline. permanent markers have that annoying tendency. they love mingling and being sociable.

3. cut out the shape as neatly as possible, and round off any corners because they will come out super sharp! then, fold a piece of sturdy aluminium foil to make a small tray for your Shrinky Dinks to bake on. preheat your toaster oven (adjust it to a medium temperature if you can), and then place your tray with your creations in it (coloured side up) into the oven to shrink.

once it goes into the oven you will be entertained with a magical shrinking process that starts about 8 seconds after you place it into the oven. if this is your first time you may panic due to the sheer wonder and sudden-ness of it all, like i did. after about 2 minutes, when the Shrinky Dink lies there on the aluminium foil, shrunken, adorable and flat, take it out of the oven, or else it will form little bubbles under its surface as punishment for you leaving it to be scorched in the fires of toaster oven hell.

so if you were successful (my fingers are crossed that you will be!), you now have door knob appliques to be super proud of. stick them onto the door knobs with superglue and you’re done!



1. clear Shrinky Dinks may have marks when you stick them onto something with superglue. you might want to use frosted Shrinky Dinks on darker door knobs to help your design stand out too. they are slightly whitish when they shrink.

2. if your Shrinky Dinks don’t lay flat after they bake, cool them and then put them into the toaster oven again. while they’re hot, use chopsticks to press them down to flatten.

Hello Kitty is a trademark of Sanrio. please don’t sue me.


thank you for reading! happy crafting and tea-slurping (:



(an) Award! Odin’s Deeply Touched | we’ve been nominated for the Liebster Award!

liebster award

it is my great pleasure to announce that this blog is deemed worthy of the Liebster Award!

thanks natalieerose98 for nominating us. she has a very pretty blog here!

liebster award buttonthe Liebster Award is an award passed around in the blogosphere, mostly around newbies. although i’m not exactly a newbie, i’ve only been seriously active on this blog since the start of 2014. (: there are some rules and tasks tied to this award, such as: listing facts about yourself, answering questions from the blogger who nominated you, nominating a number of other bloggers, and creating a set of questions for said bloggers to answer.

it all sounds a little bit tedious so i’ll try to do something different. (: after all, ‘liebster’ is a German word that is defined ‘sweetheart, beloved person, darling’. i don’t think you’d read a self-absorbed list of 11 facts about myself, read my 11 answers to 11 questions, then read my 11 new questions (AND if you were nominated by me, feel obliged to obey these rules and make a Liebster Award acceptance post completing all the tasks), and still feel like my blog is deserving of the definition ‘sweetheart, beloved person, darling’. too many words.

the number of almost anything in a list on this blog is (you guessed it) EIGHT! get it? octopus? so, i will cheat at Liebster shenanigans and provide 8 facts about me, and answer 8 of the 11 questions. i’m one step ahead, because the 8 facts about me (well, Odin) has long been up on the page titled ‘Odin’ on the menu of my blog. on to the 8 questions!

here is my art for the first question i am supposed to answer:

drawing of my favourite meal

it’s aglio olio pasta and a hot tea, with my sketchbook, and my phone for music. it’s perfect. <3

which leaves just seven more:

2. if you had one word to describe yourself, what would it be, and why?   clueless. i don’t know.

3. if you were from any other decade, which would it be?   the 70s or the 80s.

4. what is the talent you wish you had?   psychic powers when i need them. (:

5. how did you spend your childhood?   my childhood just ended a year ago. i spent it eating, drawing, sleeping, studying, painting, dreaming, and making a mess. no regrets!

6. are you religious?   no. but i do have a crush on this guy called Jesus.

7. are you a morning or a night person?   i’m a whenever-there’s-coffee person (:

8. if you had only one day left to live, where would you go, and what would you do?   i would get on a night flight to Paris, to see Mona Lisa in the Louvre. then i would go to Subway for lunch and eat a sandwich with extra olives and pickles.

(thanks natalie for taking the time to think up these interesting questions!)

here are my 4 nominated bloggers:
irene marie cortez illustrations
paddling in the shallow waters

people usually nominate 11 bloggers, but i’ve seen some nominate fewer than that. i chose to just nominate 4 because i thought it would mean more to the nominees if i did. (:

note to nominated bloggers- you aren’t obliged to accept your award, or complete the tasks! i would feel like such a burden if you felt that way. but it would be super cool if you’d answer just this one question (cheating again) in your own way, like how i did by drawing. what would you do with your life if money was no object?

i admire all four of you and would love to read/see your answers sometime. have a great day (: