An Overseas Design Task | the sentimental briefcase

4. blog header artwork

i made this paper-piece-art (i guess i could call it that) for a friend’s blog. she requested a cool (as in not warm, but yes, cool as in totally awesome, too) colour scheme and a briefcase motif. i ended up making this, and i must say i’m quite prod of how it turned out. i assembled it all on my trusty cutting mat, arranging the items to see how they’d look together. halfway through, i decided on the cutting mat being the background. (:

the teal briefcase is filled with letters and the like, as a reflection of her blog where she writes short stories and some poetry. check it out:

comment and tell her Odin the Octopus sent you! *slurps


note: the reason it is an ‘overseas’ design task is because she is currently studying in the UK, or maybe i just needed a better ‘o’ word.


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