Artpiece On Diversity Today | we have DIVERSITY in common!

6. we have DIVERSITY in common!

hello! this was my entry for a Nando’s competition earlier this year. (:
i thought they’d like the oxymoron-ish thing i did. but my dreams were crushed when i didn’t win anything! see if you can figure out the symbolism in the colours and the images.

wooooo fun factsss: i traced the hand shape from my own hand (top right), and i hid my name in the paint palette (bottom right).


6 thoughts on “Artpiece On Diversity Today | we have DIVERSITY in common!

  1. Saw your post in 9gag and googled your name to see more of you. This one is amazing! You are very talented and I thought you should know it. Keep improving and update us with your work sometimes! Good luck.


    • oh thanks! it’s really kind of you to do that(: i’m just starting out, blogging a little bit and instagramming a little bit, so thank you for the encouragement! it keeps me going!


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