Another Odd Doodle Today | Taronga Zoo journal page & review


hello everyone. this is my journal page from the day i visited the Taronga Zoo in Sydney. (:

i’d definitely recommend visiting this wonderful place. what i loved most about it is that some birds (including even a  large peacock and a turkey-like bird) were left free to roam around the zoo walkways. it was such a fun experience, even though i was exploring the place alone. it was a little bit pricey, what with the Malaysian/Australian exchange rate, so i’d recommend getting a family package of some sort.. nevertheless it is well worth your money! drizzly, and slightly gloomy when i visited it, but it didn’t dampen the mood. a must-visit if you’re ever in this part of Sydney.


visit their website here for entry fees and hours:


note: i did not get paid for this. i just love the place!


2 thoughts on “Another Odd Doodle Today | Taronga Zoo journal page & review

  1. Your blog really is beautiful. I’d give an arm to be able to draw like you — except I’d like to hold onto it to write LOL. As I’ve said in my other posts on blogging, keep it up. Be all you. The best you. It’s fun and lovely here.



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