Awesome Odin Diy Tutorial | girly stocking stuffers!

14. girly stocking stuffers!

totally last-minute, but they go well with the DIY lip scrub i posted recently. (: anyway who says you have to make them for Christmas?

lip balm-
prepare a base, flavour, and a colour (see picture for my ideas). depending on the size of your container, you may use more or less of your ingredients, but a good guide is 1 part colour to 6 parts base*, and a few drops of extract. i used this and the colour turned out nice and sheer, and is mainly for presentation in the pot.
*you can always adjust the amounts halfway through if you don’t like how it looks.

1. place chosen base and colour in a microwave-safe bowl (or you could use a double-boiling method, but a microwave oven is the way to go for lazybums like me), and heat to melt the ingredients until soft. i heated it first for 25 seconds, then another 30.
2. mix, and add in flavour. a petroleum jelly base, especially, can get little air bubbles in it so you want to heat it again until it is liquefied, so that the finished balm has a smooth surface.
3. spoon/pour the balm mixture into a small container. well unless you’d like a huge one, then by all means! but small containers only mean you make all sorts of different colours and flavours. let the balm cool before putting the lid on.

TIP: with a beeswax balm, make sure to heat until completely liquefied and without bubbles. when placing into container, be quick; it hardens fast and if you drip the mixture in slowly, the surface of the balm will be uneven. think candle wax drip texture. ):

lip tint- follow the same directions, this time using 1 part colour to 4-5 parts base.

i made labels for the little pots (: for personal use, if you’d like the same labels pictured for the Cinnamon Sugar LIP SCRUB, Lychee and Lemon LIP BALM, and Rose and Vanilla LIP BALM, leave your email and i’ll send you a printable.

MERRY threedaystilCHRISTMAS! <3


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