An Out-of-the-orDinary Thing | guest writer Shazmone


on the very first day of 2014, it’s my pleasure for Shazmone from to be a guest writer (: she blogs reviews on sweet little cafes and eateries. check out her blog!! her latest review is on a shop in Penang, Malaysia, called Mugshot. visit visit visit!

Happy New Year , fellow readers ! :)

As time flies in the blink of an eye , this festival travels along time and triggers a nonstop festival for the world to rejoice. Normally every city or groups celebrate the arrival of the new year by blasting rocket fireworks up into the sky and cause a sensational experience with flashes of light in colour of rainbow * BOOOM * Have you noticed the sounds of *OOHS* and *AAHS* as soon as fireworks vanish in seconds ?? i love new years !

on the first day of the new year , i was given the privilege to be a guest writer on SLURPS* . Basically, i write cafe reviews with a positive note whenever i find a new coffee place in town . hope you have a nice day & happy reading ! :)

love, Shazmone.


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