Almost Overly-Delicious Treat | tiny pizzas with Odin!

tiny pizzas

hello everyone! hungry for a treat? here’s how to make the most appetizing tiny snack pizzas for your whole family! or.. just yourself.

ingredients (serves 4-5)

6 slices of plain white bread

2 cups of grated cheddar cheese

2 pineapple rings in syrup

2-3 pieces of cooked sandwich ham

1 cup of tomato-based pasta sauce

grater, rolling pin, cookie cutters of your choice, toaster oven

tiny pizzas 2b


1. cut the crusts off all the pieces of bread. roll the pieces flat, like tiny pizza bases. cut them with the cookie cutters, or even leave them as they are. i could fit four shapes on one piece of bread.

2. cut ham and pineapples into very small pieces with a knife or small shape cutters. i cut the ham into stars, which resulted in me needing 3 pieces of ham. if you simply cut squares or strips, you will need less ham and not have any leftovers.

3. spread pasta sauce generously onto the ‘pizza bases’, then lay ham and pineapple pieces on top. sprinkle cheddar cheese to cover the tiny pizzas. i topped them off with three ham stars for decoration. you could always leave them plain, or maybe some parsley on the top.

4. bake your tiny pizzas in the oven for 4-5 minutes or until some cheese has browned!


tiny pizzas 2a

teatime: Odin suggests that you enjoy your tiny pizzas with a nice cup of iced peach tea (:   *slurps


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