Art On Digits Time | painting stuff on my nails

photo: AODT art nails

from left to right-

  • Mondrian
  • Van Gogh
  • Da Vinci
  • Munch

hello everyone! i haven’t been too diligent with my large canvas painting, and as a result it isn’t finished. here’s a little tidbit just for you, to make up for it. i will finish the painting and post it very soon. (:

nail art is such a guilty pleasure! i love doing it and looking at it. so one day i thought, why not recreate actual masterpieces on my nails? they turned out recognizable, but then again, these four pieces of art are probably the most popular paintings in the world. speaking about my canvas painting, you can see it halfway done on AODT’s instagram.


other nail art posts on AODT: 9gag memes & Miranda Sings.

nail art blogs on WordPress for your viewing pleasure: cmynails, fingercandy



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