Airborne: On Decorative Tarp | butterfly canvas painting

AODT full butterfly painting

“The butterfly counts not months but moments, and has time enough.”
― Rabindranath Tagore


hello everyone (: this is the finished large canvas painting i have been slaving over! i haven’t been very hardworking, so this took quite a long time- about a week. my feet are there as a rough reference (for size), but now i’m going over why i did that, because my feet are quite big (do you know the agony of hearing the salesperson saying ‘oh the biggest size we have is a 7’?). probably not a good representation.

airborne 4

i spray painted the background, to try something different. it turned out okay, but i had to make the paint extra opaque, and put an extra layer on most places, because the gold was showing through and muddy-ing up the light colours! but i guess it turned out just fine (: there are many parts in the painting where i purposely left little specks of gold, as you can see in the close-up below, because they look cunningly like gold leaf or something fancy like that. (:

finishing this was quite a feat, so i’m celebrating by framing the painting and putting it in a special place! also because if i don’t, it is going to be rolled up and chucked somewhere, knowing me. plus, i don’t really like the look of the plain canvas border around it.

AODT airborne close up

a close-up of some butterfly wing details.

if you have ideas, please suggest a next canvas painting for me to do, in the comments (: artist’s block gets to me sometimes. one day i want to call myself a real artist.



27 thoughts on “Airborne: On Decorative Tarp | butterfly canvas painting

  1. The flutterbys are beautiful, but I also like the way you’ve left the upper right half empty – really gives it a sense of depth and space. Though your feet would have to be size 58 for these not to be scary-ass big flutterbys.


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