Art Outdoors: Day Trip | Rantai Art Festival

rantai art festival flyerthe Rantai Art Festival was held on March 29th & 30th. we went there yesterday afternoon. check out the sweet graphics on the flyer!


it was an art exhibition, some music, and an artsy bazaar combined! the art exhibits were in a small building called the MIA Art House. MIA stands for the Malaysian Institute of Art, by the way. i wonder if this festival it is an annual thing.

one of my friends had her work exhibited there (: it was the main reason i went to check it out, actually. i want to have a post on her art soon (keep your eyes peeled. it’ll be worth it!) the other art was really good too. i don’t have pictures of the bazaar, but here are four of my favourite artpieces at the festival:


favourite artpieces at Rantai

the steamed fish at the top right is a MARKER RENDER. so great!

breakfast and books

breakfast behind-the-scenes. and CUTOUT design magazines i bought at the bazaar.





6 thoughts on “Art Outdoors: Day Trip | Rantai Art Festival

    • thank you ripley (may i call you that?), my breakfast was really breakfast cups, which are toasted bread cups with egg and bacon, and yogurt with fruit. (: don’t worry, i love breakfast too!


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