An Octopus Doth Tire | Odin has been so busy!

Odin and i have been the busiest, and after a month-long hiatus we are back (: i am a design student now, and the assignments are piling up! if you have any time management tips for me i’ll be very glad. four hours of sleep per night is starting to take its toll on me. Odin on the other hand has been helping me out, and despite him having more limbs than i do, he doesn’t have 8 times the energy.

i made a small sculpture of Odin, as a pirate, out of clay for today’s post. arrrr!

some modelling (two ways, if you get what i mean) and a photoshoot took place today. 





4 thoughts on “An Octopus Doth Tire | Odin has been so busy!

  1. Found you via Gluestickmum – love the whimsy of your blog! And I wish I could draw like you.

    I’m in Hong Kong, btw, so we are practically neighbours! (ok, not quite, but at least we’re on the same Continent)


    • hello! thank you for checking out my blog. (: i feel so honoured!
      hong kong, wow. haha yes we are on the same continent. i’ve been to hong kong once. have you been to malaysia?


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