Ambrosia: Offbeat Drinking Technique | the Tim Tam Slam!!

hello you! (:

first off: know what ambrosia is. have you ever had a Tim Tam slam?! if you have, you would know that they are deserving of the term. if you haven’t (actually also if you have) let’s have a Tim Tam party because i swear i could eat two hundred this way. thank you sweet inventor of tim tams and slams.

i’ve been illustrating the eating process of this heavenly invention. here you go! (:

tim tam slam-01 tim tam slam-02 tim tam slam-03

my favourite is a white chocolate Tim Tam with hot coffee! you also want your hot drink to be quite full, and in a shallow cup. it makes everything easier. remember you have a nose :o)

please let me know of any cool things you might want to see illustrated! you can also see more stuff on my Behance page.

i hope you can always spend both your literal and emotional rainy days with hot drinks, Tim Tams, and good music.


thank you for reading. you all make my heart so happy. (:


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