About Odin’s Dexterity: Talk | AODT special!! #1

hello dear readers! you all are so kind to stick around. many hugs to all of you!
i have come up with a new theme to ensure i post more often on this blog (: here is post number 1 of AODT special– a talk/musings/ramblings/daydreams section on this blog that i will at the very least, update once a month. i will feature an artwork (or two.. or ten??) in this section and a short write-up on its inspiration and coming-into-being and other such things.

here is artwork number 1:

lemon watermarked

it is something i did for fun one day while assignments piled up all around me! I LIVE ON THE EDGE

when you think ‘happy’ what do you think of? i think of a day of sunshine, a little conversation, and pie. i haven’t tried all the pies in the world, but i have tried the wonder that is lemon meringue pie, and i don’t even have the vocabulary to accurately describe how high-ranking its position is in the kingdom of mystical dessert heaven.

lemon meringue pie and its bakers and recipe-writers should be appreciated. if you know one, thank him/her today!

back to the artwork- it is digitally drawn on Adobe Photoshop with the help of a drawing tablet (i don’t have my own tablet, and i’m hoping to get one next year! i have to find a way to earn the money first)! the illustration style i’m pursuing in this one is a floaty and almost uneven stylistic look, with subdued colours, and what i would like to call a daydreamy handwritten type. it reminds me of lazy sleep-in mornings with music. (:

what do you think of this kind of illustration? i like it but i find it is common- many illustrators use this look and feel. i’m still trying to find a strong style!

p.s. i really appreciate comments and feedback and wise words because you all brighten my day!! thank you for leaving a note, and thank you to all those who have previously left things for me to read. <3



One thought on “About Odin’s Dexterity: Talk | AODT special!! #1

  1. Love Lemon Meringue Pie but have never made one! Maybe I should…

    I think you should blog as often or as little as you want/fits with your schedule, it’s your blog after all. Am always happy to see your artistic creations, independent on frequency.

    Re this style, I think I get what you mean with the lazy, subdued style. Normally when you see a quote like “hello sunshine” you expect bright hard cheerful colours, but this one is more like through looking through some voile curtains, whilst lazying around in bed, but with the temptation of it (the bright sun and/or lemon meringue pie) being out there :-)


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