About Odin’s Dexterity: Talk | AODT special!! #1

hello dear readers! you all are so kind to stick around. many hugs to all of you!
i have come up with a new theme to ensure i post more often on this blog (: here is post number 1 of AODT special– a talk/musings/ramblings/daydreams section on this blog that i will at the very least, update once a month. i will feature an artwork (or two.. or ten??) in this section and a short write-up on its inspiration and coming-into-being and other such things.

here is artwork number 1:

lemon watermarked

it is something i did for fun one day while assignments piled up all around me! I LIVE ON THE EDGE

when you think ‘happy’ what do you think of? i think of a day of sunshine, a little conversation, and pie. i haven’t tried all the pies in the world, but i have tried the wonder that is lemon meringue pie, and i don’t even have the vocabulary to accurately describe how high-ranking its position is in the kingdom of mystical dessert heaven.

lemon meringue pie and its bakers and recipe-writers should be appreciated. if you know one, thank him/her today!

back to the artwork- it is digitally drawn on Adobe Photoshop with the help of a drawing tablet (i don’t have my own tablet, and i’m hoping to get one next year! i have to find a way to earn the money first)! the illustration style i’m pursuing in this one is a floaty and almost uneven stylistic look, with subdued colours, and what i would like to call a daydreamy handwritten type. it reminds me of lazy sleep-in mornings with music. (:

what do you think of this kind of illustration? i like it but i find it is common- many illustrators use this look and feel. i’m still trying to find a strong style!

p.s. i really appreciate comments and feedback and wise words because you all brighten my day!! thank you for leaving a note, and thank you to all those who have previously left things for me to read. <3



Apostrophe Odin Doodle Time | pun series??

Apostrophe Odin Doodle Time | pun series??

hello dear readers! Odin the Octopus is actually a big fan of puns and wordplay. here is a picture of him as an octopostrophe. he is laughing and tearing awkwardly.

i’m thinking of making an Odin the Octopus series of puns and fun things like that. what do you think?

An Octopus Doth Tire | Odin has been so busy!

Odin and i have been the busiest, and after a month-long hiatus we are back (: i am a design student now, and the assignments are piling up! if you have any time management tips for me i’ll be very glad. four hours of sleep per night is starting to take its toll on me. Odin on the other hand has been helping me out, and despite him having more limbs than i do, he doesn’t have 8 times the energy.

i made a small sculpture of Odin, as a pirate, out of clay for today’s post. arrrr!

some modelling (two ways, if you get what i mean) and a photoshoot took place today. 




Airborne: On Decorative Tarp | butterfly canvas painting

AODT full butterfly painting

“The butterfly counts not months but moments, and has time enough.”
― Rabindranath Tagore


hello everyone (: this is the finished large canvas painting i have been slaving over! i haven’t been very hardworking, so this took quite a long time- about a week. my feet are there as a rough reference (for size), but now i’m going over why i did that, because my feet are quite big (do you know the agony of hearing the salesperson saying ‘oh the biggest size we have is a 7’?). probably not a good representation.

airborne 4

i spray painted the background, to try something different. it turned out okay, but i had to make the paint extra opaque, and put an extra layer on most places, because the gold was showing through and muddy-ing up the light colours! but i guess it turned out just fine (: there are many parts in the painting where i purposely left little specks of gold, as you can see in the close-up below, because they look cunningly like gold leaf or something fancy like that. (:

finishing this was quite a feat, so i’m celebrating by framing the painting and putting it in a special place! also because if i don’t, it is going to be rolled up and chucked somewhere, knowing me. plus, i don’t really like the look of the plain canvas border around it.

AODT airborne close up

a close-up of some butterfly wing details.

if you have ideas, please suggest a next canvas painting for me to do, in the comments (: artist’s block gets to me sometimes. one day i want to call myself a real artist.


Art On Digits Time | painting stuff on my nails

photo: AODT art nails

from left to right-

  • Mondrian
  • Van Gogh
  • Da Vinci
  • Munch

hello everyone! i haven’t been too diligent with my large canvas painting, and as a result it isn’t finished. here’s a little tidbit just for you, to make up for it. i will finish the painting and post it very soon. (:

nail art is such a guilty pleasure! i love doing it and looking at it. so one day i thought, why not recreate actual masterpieces on my nails? they turned out recognizable, but then again, these four pieces of art are probably the most popular paintings in the world. speaking about my canvas painting, you can see it halfway done on AODT’s instagram.


other nail art posts on AODT: 9gag memes & Miranda Sings.

nail art blogs on WordPress for your viewing pleasure: cmynails, fingercandy


Acknowledgement Of a ‘Day’ Today | Valentine’s


happy valentine’s day from Odin the Octopus and Nat Andrea!

promothis picture shows how tiny the painted minion stones are! (: i used to sell these on an Etsy shop i had some time ago. right now i have a currently inactive online shop where i sell crafts like painted stone paperweights and hand-painted decorative stickers here .

take a look! i’m willing to take a few orders until June 2014. and if you like what you see, email me at odintheocteapus@gmail.com! we can work something out (:

An Odd Drawing, Too | new doodle!

28. new drawing!

here is the big drawing i promised a few days ago. how many things can you find in it?
comment all the things you can see! zoom in and look closely. (;

i’ll give the process and a comment on it in my next post.
did 9gag bring you here? thank you for visiting my blog! i appreciate it very much.