Art Outdoors: Day Trip | Rantai Art Festival

rantai art festival flyerthe Rantai Art Festival was held on March 29th & 30th. we went there yesterday afternoon. check out the sweet graphics on the flyer!


it was an art exhibition, some music, and an artsy bazaar combined! the art exhibits were in a small building called the MIA Art House. MIA stands for the Malaysian Institute of Art, by the way. i wonder if this festival it is an annual thing.

one of my friends had her work exhibited there (: it was the main reason i went to check it out, actually. i want to have a post on her art soon (keep your eyes peeled. it’ll be worth it!) the other art was really good too. i don’t have pictures of the bazaar, but here are four of my favourite artpieces at the festival:


favourite artpieces at Rantai

the steamed fish at the top right is a MARKER RENDER. so great!

breakfast and books

breakfast behind-the-scenes. and CUTOUT design magazines i bought at the bazaar.





(an) Award! Odin’s Deeply Touched | we’ve been nominated for the Liebster Award!

liebster award

it is my great pleasure to announce that this blog is deemed worthy of the Liebster Award!

thanks natalieerose98 for nominating us. she has a very pretty blog here!

liebster award buttonthe Liebster Award is an award passed around in the blogosphere, mostly around newbies. although i’m not exactly a newbie, i’ve only been seriously active on this blog since the start of 2014. (: there are some rules and tasks tied to this award, such as: listing facts about yourself, answering questions from the blogger who nominated you, nominating a number of other bloggers, and creating a set of questions for said bloggers to answer.

it all sounds a little bit tedious so i’ll try to do something different. (: after all, ‘liebster’ is a German word that is defined ‘sweetheart, beloved person, darling’. i don’t think you’d read a self-absorbed list of 11 facts about myself, read my 11 answers to 11 questions, then read my 11 new questions (AND if you were nominated by me, feel obliged to obey these rules and make a Liebster Award acceptance post completing all the tasks), and still feel like my blog is deserving of the definition ‘sweetheart, beloved person, darling’. too many words.

the number of almost anything in a list on this blog is (you guessed it) EIGHT! get it? octopus? so, i will cheat at Liebster shenanigans and provide 8 facts about me, and answer 8 of the 11 questions. i’m one step ahead, because the 8 facts about me (well, Odin) has long been up on the page titled ‘Odin’ on the menu of my blog. on to the 8 questions!

here is my art for the first question i am supposed to answer:

drawing of my favourite meal

it’s aglio olio pasta and a hot tea, with my sketchbook, and my phone for music. it’s perfect. <3

which leaves just seven more:

2. if you had one word to describe yourself, what would it be, and why?   clueless. i don’t know.

3. if you were from any other decade, which would it be?   the 70s or the 80s.

4. what is the talent you wish you had?   psychic powers when i need them. (:

5. how did you spend your childhood?   my childhood just ended a year ago. i spent it eating, drawing, sleeping, studying, painting, dreaming, and making a mess. no regrets!

6. are you religious?   no. but i do have a crush on this guy called Jesus.

7. are you a morning or a night person?   i’m a whenever-there’s-coffee person (:

8. if you had only one day left to live, where would you go, and what would you do?   i would get on a night flight to Paris, to see Mona Lisa in the Louvre. then i would go to Subway for lunch and eat a sandwich with extra olives and pickles.

(thanks natalie for taking the time to think up these interesting questions!)

here are my 4 nominated bloggers:
irene marie cortez illustrations
paddling in the shallow waters

people usually nominate 11 bloggers, but i’ve seen some nominate fewer than that. i chose to just nominate 4 because i thought it would mean more to the nominees if i did. (:

note to nominated bloggers- you aren’t obliged to accept your award, or complete the tasks! i would feel like such a burden if you felt that way. but it would be super cool if you’d answer just this one question (cheating again) in your own way, like how i did by drawing. what would you do with your life if money was no object?

i admire all four of you and would love to read/see your answers sometime. have a great day (:


Artsy Outlet Discussion Time | Lian Hing Stationery Trading Co


hello everyone! this is the first ever artsy store review posted in the Discovery tab of AODT!

the style of these art store reviews are checklists with descriptions. we include categories which we find are most important to consider in an art outlet. it’s easy to read- Odin’s expressions are included in the checklist as indicators too. please read on!

art store front

Odin and I just visited a little (but packed to the brim!) stationery store in Cheras, Kuala Lumpur. for those who don’t know, we are Malaysian! (:


1. well-equipped?  odin baby happy

items range from basic stationery to items like huge varieties of specialist drawing pencils, cardstock, stamps, stencils, paints, clips, sequins, wrapping paper, ribbons, googly eyes.. the sort of stuff that Odin basically lives for.

2. cheap?  odin baby happy2odin baby happy2

yes! it’s a big plus- Odin and I are sworn advocates of easy, cheap and weird DIY! (: you could even get a roll of wrapping paper for under RM1, which is under 0.31 USD! amazing.

3. interesting?  odin baby happy

there are weird things that are pretty hard to find anywhere else in there, like rub-ons and vintage-y alphabet stamps. the only downside to this shop is that some items can be at least a few years old, which gives rise to maybe a little bit of discolouration or loss of adhesiveness.. which actually isn’t a real problem if you’re like me and love old-ish things! (:

4. convenient?  odin baby happy

it’s quite a surprise that they could fit really any kind of stationery you’d need into the small space, and still prove navigable. i think you could find almost everything you need for a rainy day craft in there.

5. should you make a trip there?  odin baby happy2

definitely! we highly recommended this store especially if you’re around the area. here’s a map.

if you visit the shop, remember to take picture and/or a selfie or two and tag @anoctopusdrinkstea on Instagram so we can see it and like it and be your friend!    *slurps

An Ocean-Deep Thought | 9gag woes?

what are your thoughts on 9gag and its community? i’ve read some harsh comments on it especially by Tumblr users.. 9gag is something that used to be really fun and then is not so fun anymore but i still visit it because i’m attracted to it by some mysterious force.

not saying it’s any bad. but most of the time it’s not as funny as it’s obviously meant to be. is it just me or do you also just keep scrolling and scrolling through the masses of posts with a straight face? but i’m not letting go. because i can’t. because i don’t really want to either. and i dont need to just yet.

okay. upvote my post on 9gag. because!


An Out-of-the-orDinary Thing | guest writer Shazmone


on the very first day of 2014, it’s my pleasure for Shazmone from to be a guest writer (: she blogs reviews on sweet little cafes and eateries. check out her blog!! her latest review is on a shop in Penang, Malaysia, called Mugshot. visit visit visit!

Happy New Year , fellow readers ! :)

As time flies in the blink of an eye , this festival travels along time and triggers a nonstop festival for the world to rejoice. Normally every city or groups celebrate the arrival of the new year by blasting rocket fireworks up into the sky and cause a sensational experience with flashes of light in colour of rainbow * BOOOM * Have you noticed the sounds of *OOHS* and *AAHS* as soon as fireworks vanish in seconds ?? i love new years !

on the first day of the new year , i was given the privilege to be a guest writer on SLURPS* . Basically, i write cafe reviews with a positive note whenever i find a new coffee place in town . hope you have a nice day & happy reading ! :)

love, Shazmone.

Another Odd Doodle Today | Taronga Zoo journal page & review


hello everyone. this is my journal page from the day i visited the Taronga Zoo in Sydney. (:

i’d definitely recommend visiting this wonderful place. what i loved most about it is that some birds (including even a  large peacock and a turkey-like bird) were left free to roam around the zoo walkways. it was such a fun experience, even though i was exploring the place alone. it was a little bit pricey, what with the Malaysian/Australian exchange rate, so i’d recommend getting a family package of some sort.. nevertheless it is well worth your money! drizzly, and slightly gloomy when i visited it, but it didn’t dampen the mood. a must-visit if you’re ever in this part of Sydney.


visit their website here for entry fees and hours:


note: i did not get paid for this. i just love the place!