Applique On Doors: Tutorial | Shrinky Dinks tutorial and door knob adornment!

hello everybody (: it’s such a pleasure to see you here again.

backstory: my mother has a white Ikea cupboard. it looks plain. she has a Hello Kitty obsession. i like to draw stuff.

Imageso what do i do when i’m bored at home and decide i want to surprise her? stick little kitties onto the door knobs of course. she got me a pack of Shrinky Dinks (which i treasure) while she was holidaying in the States. they are the perfect material for making small, durable things. everyone should have Shrinky Dinks and permanent markers. i cannot find them here in Malaysia! the government should subsidize these kinds of things. not so much sugar. i like Shrinky Dinks more than diabetes.

i didn’t mean for that to sound offensive. it does, i think. somewhat. anyway, here’s the process, just for you. (:


Shrinky Dinks suitable for your project (clear/frosted/printable)

permanent markers of your choice

this kind of toaster oven

aluminium foil

scrap paper and pencil


1. check to see how large the surface you want to applique is. Shrinky Dinks will shrink to about 1/3 their original size. measure if you need to (multiply the length of the surface you want to applique by 3). this gives you a good estimate as to the length of unbaked Shrinky Dink. if you need to be even more precise, make a Shrinky Dink ruler! then draw your desired applique onto scrap paper, then trace it onto the plastic with a permanent marker.

2. on the flip side of the plastic where you drew the outline, add colours if desired (notice the kitties in the picture have flipped in step 2?). this is so that you don’t have to worry about smudging the colours with the outline. permanent markers have that annoying tendency. they love mingling and being sociable.

3. cut out the shape as neatly as possible, and round off any corners because they will come out super sharp! then, fold a piece of sturdy aluminium foil to make a small tray for your Shrinky Dinks to bake on. preheat your toaster oven (adjust it to a medium temperature if you can), and then place your tray with your creations in it (coloured side up) into the oven to shrink.

once it goes into the oven you will be entertained with a magical shrinking process that starts about 8 seconds after you place it into the oven. if this is your first time you may panic due to the sheer wonder and sudden-ness of it all, like i did. after about 2 minutes, when the Shrinky Dink lies there on the aluminium foil, shrunken, adorable and flat, take it out of the oven, or else it will form little bubbles under its surface as punishment for you leaving it to be scorched in the fires of toaster oven hell.

so if you were successful (my fingers are crossed that you will be!), you now have door knob appliques to be super proud of. stick them onto the door knobs with superglue and you’re done!



1. clear Shrinky Dinks may have marks when you stick them onto something with superglue. you might want to use frosted Shrinky Dinks on darker door knobs to help your design stand out too. they are slightly whitish when they shrink.

2. if your Shrinky Dinks don’t lay flat after they bake, cool them and then put them into the toaster oven again. while they’re hot, use chopsticks to press them down to flatten.

Hello Kitty is a trademark of Sanrio. please don’t sue me.


thank you for reading! happy crafting and tea-slurping (:




Appetizing, Orbicular, & Delightfully Tangy | lemon pancake cookin’


hello! Odin and I cooked up a artsy, citrus-y snack this morning, lemon pancakes! i mean lemmm!mon pancakes. they were so fun to create, and they turned out tangy, light, and slightly crispy on the edges. perfect with a cup of tea. we’d like to share the recipe with you (:

ingredients (serves 2-3 as a snack)

160g Pillsbury One-Step Pancake Mix (we’re cheaters)

75ml low fat milk

3tsp fine sugar

10ml water

2tsp lemon juice

pinch of lemon rind

yellow and green food colouring

skillet or frying pan

chopstick or skewer


1. prepare the pancake batter: measure and mix up all ingredients except the food colouring into a large bowl. the mixture is right if it is a bit runny- a slightly thicker consistency than of store-bought honey. if it is not thick enough, add more pancake mix. if it is too runny, add either more milk or more water.

Image2. once the batter is ready, divide it 3:2. colour 3 parts light yellow for the lemons, and 2 parts light green for leaves. pour the coloured batter into the corners of small, food-safe plastic bags (icing bags will probably be even better for this) as shown in the picture. the clips stop the batter from falling out and keeps everything neat. you know, with the colour-coordination and all.. (:

3. cut the tiniest hole in the corner of the plastic bag. then make sure you can make precise shapes with the batter in the plastic bags. test this by heating your skillet/pan slightly. draw a lemon shape (an elongated circle with thingies on each end). because you can’t touch the hot pan, it’s tricky and may take a few tries!


a) if the batter browns (or burns!) in 5 seconds or less, reduce the heat. you can roughly control the heat by taking the pan on and off the heat.

b) if the batter spreads out too much (the outline of the shape will be too thick to look anything like lemons), it is too watery and needs more pancake mix to thicken.

c) if the batter does not want to come out of the plastic bag (!), the reason could be that the cut you have made is too small, or that a lemon rind is blocking its way, or that it is shy and you need to coax it out by singing. two of these i have encountered.

4. when you get the hang of it, draw lemons on the pan. add dots for lemony skin (that’s where the chopstick comes in). when they have browned slightly, take the pan off the heat and cool it a little. use a fan if you must! then quickly fill in the lemon shape with more batter. put it back on the heat to cook. when bubbles form on the surface flip the lemons. if successful, the lemons should have a light brown outline with a smooth, light yellow center. perfect!

5. make simple leaf shapes with the green batter to go with the little lemons.


Imagethis is really trial and error. when i was making these, i had a few burned lemons and some whose outlines didn’t turn out well. all it takes is a little patience. and nobody who will make you laugh whilst you are drawing. i shouldn’t have allowed my sister to be in the kitchen while i was cooking! (;

teatime: Odin suggests that you enjoy your artsy lemon pancakes with plain green tea (:   *slurps

if you try out these pancakes or are inspired by them, show us on Instagram using the hashtags #lemonypancakes and #AODT. we’d love to see your creations! follow us at @anoctopusdrinkstea .

Almost Overly-Delicious Treat | tiny pizzas with Odin!

tiny pizzas

hello everyone! hungry for a treat? here’s how to make the most appetizing tiny snack pizzas for your whole family! or.. just yourself.

ingredients (serves 4-5)

6 slices of plain white bread

2 cups of grated cheddar cheese

2 pineapple rings in syrup

2-3 pieces of cooked sandwich ham

1 cup of tomato-based pasta sauce

grater, rolling pin, cookie cutters of your choice, toaster oven

tiny pizzas 2b


1. cut the crusts off all the pieces of bread. roll the pieces flat, like tiny pizza bases. cut them with the cookie cutters, or even leave them as they are. i could fit four shapes on one piece of bread.

2. cut ham and pineapples into very small pieces with a knife or small shape cutters. i cut the ham into stars, which resulted in me needing 3 pieces of ham. if you simply cut squares or strips, you will need less ham and not have any leftovers.

3. spread pasta sauce generously onto the ‘pizza bases’, then lay ham and pineapple pieces on top. sprinkle cheddar cheese to cover the tiny pizzas. i topped them off with three ham stars for decoration. you could always leave them plain, or maybe some parsley on the top.

4. bake your tiny pizzas in the oven for 4-5 minutes or until some cheese has browned!


tiny pizzas 2a

teatime: Odin suggests that you enjoy your tiny pizzas with a nice cup of iced peach tea (:   *slurps

Awesome Odin DIY Today | how to upcycle an old binder (:

hello! i am Odin the Octopus. here is another one of my cheap and fun DIY projects, fully customisable, impressive, yet incredibly easy!

got an old binder to repurpose? does it maybe have little dings or old labels? forget about covering it with paper. just choose a pleasing colour scheme and slather acrylic paint on the whole thing! works like a charm (:


i like the painting to look messy and oil-painting-like, but it’s completely up to you. i thought the binder was a little bit plain, so i painted a pale green iced gem onto the front of it. if you don’t know what they are, iced gems are colourful, bite-sized pieces of joy, and you should buy some immediately. as for how wonderfully tiny and full of joy they are, iced gems are the equivalent of those little paint pots you got in art kits as a kid. i swear. 


and here is the finished, painted iced gem on my binder. all ready for art school! i’m starting art school in march!

Odin’s tip: pay attention to the shadows and light/dark areas, and recreate them by mixing acrylic paints for a more realistic-looking picture. you can, of course, paint anything you like on the cover. like i said, fully customizable! Image



Awesome Orange-haired Dude Thing | Ed Sheeran poster

this is a process and tutorial video(: this post is dedicated to my Sheerio sister.

by the way, Sheerio: Ed Sheeran fan. you’re welcome! if you knew that already then.. i guess.. okay.

i made this poster for her as a small surprise gift. besides, we needed more than a butterfly wall border and magazine-page-quality Harry Potter posters on the boringly pastel walls of our shared room. adapt this ‘recipe’ for any celebrity crush. enjoy!

Sheerios rejoice!

Animals On Dem Talons | animal meme nails just for fun! get it. get it

meme nails posted this on 9gag, they were a joy to paint! i love nail art. any ideas for more nail art? please leave a comment :) they look difficult to paint (somebody on 9gag accused me of sticking printed pictures on my nails) but they are actually reasonably easy if you have a clear reference and a sufficient range of acrylic paints to mix to create good gradients. i printed a small reference image for each of the animals i was painting, making sure the detail was easy to see. you can very easily recreate the images this way. just put on a layer of good-quality clear/white nail polish, or a basecoat, and paint away! pretend your nails are small canvases. they’re much less intimidating that way, and much more fun! good luck (: