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hello everyone! i am Odin the Octopus.


WELCOME to my ocean of tea-infused brainchild! here are 8 facts about me.

1. i like to paint, on many different canvases! my friend Nat Andrea likes to use very small ones.

2. i have a sweet tooth. on AODT you can find many sweet things like DIYs and teatime snack tutorials. sweet!

3. my name, Odin, besides originally being the name of a god in Norse mythology, was chosen for me for its meaning: inspiration.

4. milkshakes and fruit and baked goodies are the best comfort food. i blog recipes too, like this one! other days, i post art store reviews, my artwork, journal entries, and the occasional interview.

5. my friend Nat Andrea collects buttons in all colours! she made this portrait of me drinking a cup of tea. there is a video if you’d like to check it out.

6. quick, easy, and equally enjoyable DIYs and recipes are my favourite- exactly what this blog is created to share!

7.  i adore art. blogging, drawing, doodling, painting, collaging, tea-drinking, letter-writing, and amateur photography fill my days. everything is more fun with 8 limbs!

8. strawberry tea is my personal favourite. (:


lets be friendsif you like what you see, it would mean so much if you followed this blog! thank you (:

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or you could write me a letter. i mean an email . odintheocteapus@gmail.com is my address.



17 thoughts on “Odin

    • hello! i’m very glad you like the look of AODT. (: oh thank you, i’m so excited! i read on your blog that you are going vegan and gluten-free? it’ll be so interesting to see a vegan and gluten-free version of the tiny pizzas! (: remember to take pictures and tag me on Instagram @anoctopusdrinkstea !!


  1. What a cute, amusing, and artsy blog you have, Odin, it’s just impossible not to follow you! Great introduction and I love that your name means inspiration — that’s what you just did to me, you inspired me with your amazing creativity! Would really love to see more of your posts! In the meantime, I’ll def go for some stalking so watch out for my spammy “Likes” all over your blog hehe Take care! ♡ :-)


    • hi irene, oh that’s so nice of you to take the time to visit and comment here! (: i really appreciate it! haha Odin is great. i’ve yet to put my personal bio up here, though. i’m so glad that we’ve been able to inspire you! <3 <3


    • hi christine! sorry for such a late reply. i am in design school now, the assignments and timetables are so hectic right now. thank you for nominating me (: it’s very sweet of you. i will definitely check it out soon! <3


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