Adobe illustrator: Oh Delightful Technology! | 8-bit AODT motifs!

Adobe illustrator: Oh Delightful Technology! | 8-bit AODT motifs!

hello dear readers :)
I have been hard at work in design school making lots of graphics, but Odin and i thought AODT deserved some sweet graphics too. i wasn’t taught this in design school- my friend was doing 8-bit things and inspired the colour-crazed, tedious-activity-loving part of me <3

i’m thinking of making more of these 8-bit graphics for this blog. any ideas? i can also sign off posts with some of these. please suggest which ones in the comments!
have you had your cup of tea today?

thank you for reading!


Apostrophe Odin Doodle Time | pun series??

Apostrophe Odin Doodle Time | pun series??

hello dear readers! Odin the Octopus is actually a big fan of puns and wordplay. here is a picture of him as an octopostrophe. he is laughing and tearing awkwardly.

i’m thinking of making an Odin the Octopus series of puns and fun things like that. what do you think?

An Odd Drawing, Too | new doodle!

28. new drawing!

here is the big drawing i promised a few days ago. how many things can you find in it?
comment all the things you can see! zoom in and look closely. (;

i’ll give the process and a comment on it in my next post.
did 9gag bring you here? thank you for visiting my blog! i appreciate it very much.

(i’m an) Admirer Of Dis Troubadour | Miranda Sings nail art

AODT Miranda Sings nail art

this is some nail art i did some time ago as Miranda Sings fan art!

check out her channel on youtube:
all my nail art is hand-painted with nail polish and acrylic paints (sounds harsh, but they don’t ruin your nails as long as you have a nail polish base).

look out for MORE NAIL ART coming soon!

any Mirfandas reading? please let me know in the comments (:

Animals On Dem Talons | animal meme nails just for fun! get it. get it

meme nails posted this on 9gag, they were a joy to paint! i love nail art. any ideas for more nail art? please leave a comment :) they look difficult to paint (somebody on 9gag accused me of sticking printed pictures on my nails) but they are actually reasonably easy if you have a clear reference and a sufficient range of acrylic paints to mix to create good gradients. i printed a small reference image for each of the animals i was painting, making sure the detail was easy to see. you can very easily recreate the images this way. just put on a layer of good-quality clear/white nail polish, or a basecoat, and paint away! pretend your nails are small canvases. they’re much less intimidating that way, and much more fun! good luck (:

Acknowledgement of a ‘Day’ Today | New Year’s

20. all ends with beginnings (:

2013 has ended, and 2014 begun! it’s happy, exciting, unnerving, scary, intense. bittersweet. renewing. but most of all- cause for celebration!

enjoy this piece of art which is actually also Daft Punk lyrics.

this blog is new and needs a larger audience! please help me out by commenting (:
all tips and criticisms are most definitely welcome!
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