Awesome Odin DIY Today | how to upcycle an old binder (:

hello! i am Odin the Octopus. here is another one of my cheap and fun DIY projects, fully customisable, impressive, yet incredibly easy!

got an old binder to repurpose? does it maybe have little dings or old labels? forget about covering it with paper. just choose a pleasing colour scheme and slather acrylic paint on the whole thing! works like a charm (:


i like the painting to look messy and oil-painting-like, but it’s completely up to you. i thought the binder was a little bit plain, so i painted a pale green iced gem onto the front of it. if you don’t know what they are, iced gems are colourful, bite-sized pieces of joy, and you should buy some immediately. as for how wonderfully tiny and full of joy they are, iced gems are the equivalent of those little paint pots you got in art kits as a kid. i swear. 


and here is the finished, painted iced gem on my binder. all ready for art school! i’m starting art school in march!

Odin’s tip: pay attention to the shadows and light/dark areas, and recreate them by mixing acrylic paints for a more realistic-looking picture. you can, of course, paint anything you like on the cover. like i said, fully customizable! Image




9 thoughts on “Awesome Odin DIY Today | how to upcycle an old binder (:

    • yes! as for me, i’m still a student, so it gives me some motivation when my stationery is pretty, haha! oh if you try them out you can show me on instagram at @anoctopusdrinkstea (:


      • Oh dear… I am a little passed making my things beautiful. I KNOW – bad bad bad artist!
        I remember paying such love and care to such things and it was suiting and wonderful – now I would just be happy to have some clunky old things to get all my papers off the floor!!! lol :D
        ENJOY ALL the beautiful things you make – it IS inspiring to remember being there once ;) (long time ago!)


      • hilarious! i like to keep things neat, but i’m also a very messy person, it doesn’t make sense at all. about painting binders, it just goes to show that i had a lot of free time on my hands in the last few months (:
        i sincerely hope you’re able to find a free evening or two soon, either to make beautiful things or just to unwind! (:


      • Oh – I do – it is just different to when I was a youngen – I spend a lot of it here or I am with the little people – which is really quite a relaxing fun thing ;)
        Eg – just helped my four year old make moon glasses from paper ;) One day – she will decorate her university files like you!


      • blogging and being with little people? such beautiful things to spend your time on! well, one day i want to help a four year old make moon glasses from paper (:


      • oh! i am so glad (: i’m very happy to have met you here on wordpress. and i would love to always keep in touch through blogging! have a wonderful week ahead to you and your littles (:


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