Artsy Outlet Discussion Time | Lian Hing Stationery Trading Co


hello everyone! this is the first ever artsy store review posted in the Discovery tab of AODT!

the style of these art store reviews are checklists with descriptions. we include categories which we find are most important to consider in an art outlet. it’s easy to read- Odin’s expressions are included in the checklist as indicators too. please read on!

art store front

Odin and I just visited a little (but packed to the brim!) stationery store in Cheras, Kuala Lumpur. for those who don’t know, we are Malaysian! (:


1. well-equipped?  odin baby happy

items range from basic stationery to items like huge varieties of specialist drawing pencils, cardstock, stamps, stencils, paints, clips, sequins, wrapping paper, ribbons, googly eyes.. the sort of stuff that Odin basically lives for.

2. cheap?  odin baby happy2odin baby happy2

yes! it’s a big plus- Odin and I are sworn advocates of easy, cheap and weird DIY! (: you could even get a roll of wrapping paper for under RM1, which is under 0.31 USD! amazing.

3. interesting?  odin baby happy

there are weird things that are pretty hard to find anywhere else in there, like rub-ons and vintage-y alphabet stamps. the only downside to this shop is that some items can be at least a few years old, which gives rise to maybe a little bit of discolouration or loss of adhesiveness.. which actually isn’t a real problem if you’re like me and love old-ish things! (:

4. convenient?  odin baby happy

it’s quite a surprise that they could fit really any kind of stationery you’d need into the small space, and still prove navigable. i think you could find almost everything you need for a rainy day craft in there.

5. should you make a trip there?  odin baby happy2

definitely! we highly recommended this store especially if you’re around the area. here’s a map.

if you visit the shop, remember to take picture and/or a selfie or two and tag @anoctopusdrinkstea on Instagram so we can see it and like it and be your friend!    *slurps


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